Getting a new car

I am fortunate enough to have an understanding employer, and took yesterday off to do everything related to my car in one shot.

First thing I had to do, was get everything in order for my new car!  I am buying my Aunt Nancy’s Camry, my first time buying used, so it was a little confusing, but all the details got sorted out with the help of my mom.  After purchasing a UVIP online and having it not arrive in time, I started my day with purchasing another one from the DMV.  Figures, when I got home later that afternoon it was in my mailbox!

Then it was off to Hamilton to see Nancy and get everything signed.  Of course, it looked easy on the GPS, but the exit I needed to get off at was closed, and Hamilton is filled with one way streets and I got lost.  Still, I was on schedule!

Next I went to oakville to get the cheque from my insurance company, they made me sweat just a little bit when she thought I may have had to have Lee there too since the registration is in both our names.  They let me go with just me signing. 

Then a quick stop at the greenhawk warehouse sale to get some winter essentials!

Deposit the cheque, but of course it wont clear for 4 business days.  They also couldn’t find my car loan on file so I will need to call nissan finance myself.

Then it was time to pick up my tires, I had just bought brand new summer and winter tires this year along with a fancy set of rims.  There was no way I was letting those things go to the scrapyard!  So we switched the old (punctured but still with tread, which apparently is the only thing that matters) tires back onto the old rims and I carted them to the collision shop.

Went to the collision shop and got to see my car again for the first time since the accident. 

He was actually able to drive it into the shop, it really couldn’t have been that bad!  Just pieces of plastic and metal fell off as he went over a speedbump.

As I removed my mess from inside the car, he removed the tires.  He was actually able to remove most of the nuts on the wheels by hand.  It wasn’t something that would be a result of the accident, it was that the dealer who put our new rims on didn’t tighten them enough… or seemingly at all!  He informed me that the wheels could have come off the car literally any day.  I may have never known if I hadn’t been in the accident.  I can also only imagine the type of accident I could have been involved in had one of the wheels come off on the highway or something.  Scary to think about!  Perhaps the accident was a stroke of good luck, not bad!

Once I had the plates and everything, I finished up by going to the DMV and getting temporary registration for the car and returned our rental.  I wrenched my back in the bad spot trying to move wheels down into our basement.  So I took it easy for the night.  Feeling a bit better today, hopefully that means I can get to the barn.


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