A little cause for concern.

Bentley has been moved into a new paddock with new paddockmates.  I don’t think he is getting along too well with them and I will be keeping my eye on him for a while.

When I went to get him on Sunday afternoon for our ride, he just looked so sullen.  The 4 dark bays were standing in a row eating the hay, and he was off in the distance by a tree looking miserable.  It took a lot to get him to the gate, mostly because of the mud which he did NOT want to step foot in.  Once we were out he ambled along quietly.  I only got more concerned as I was grooming him and he just stood there, so quiet, and still with that miserable look in his eye.  His winter coat has already grown in, but it doesn’t feel as soft as I remember it being last year, and just looks kind of pathetic.

I am not sure if he is sick, or missing meals because of the new paddockmates or just grumpy.  I tried to cheer him up with a mint, and while he accepted, he didn’t turn into lipping mooch he usually does.

He turned back into his usual self when we hit the trails, and didn’t give me any reason to assume hes sick or starving.  I will go into our ride later as it was a great one!

One thing that was peculiar however was he wasn’t ripping through my hands in order to try and graze (such as his usual behaviour)  He ate when I offered it, but didn’t seem desperate and ate slowly.  Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

After our ride he was behaving more like himself, and was giving me snuggles. I offered him a small amount of grain and he was happy to have it.  Just checking to make sure he would eat!

When I went to turn him out, he just sat at the gate, trying to nibble me for a while.  He kept giving me the look as if to say “don’t leave me here, take me out, i want to be with you not them!”  He looked so sad that there was a fence between us.  So I walked him over to the trough, he had a drink, and after some more pitiful stares at me, he got the message and circled around where the other horses were eating.  He slowly circled closer, and immediately they pinned their ears at him.  Tried again to get some hay by the edge, pinned again. He wandered off to the other side of the paddock again alone.  Banished!

Every time I drove by this weekend, he was on his own while the others pigged out on the hay.  Hopefully this doesn’t last long!  Either way, I will have to pay extra close attention to what hes doing out there!


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