Rain brings out the worst in Brampton

Have to get this rant out.

This morning I took the train although it was pouring rain.  My thoughts were to avoid the stress that comes with driving through Brampton in the rain.

Seriously, with the tiniest bit of rain, people there forget how to drive and either crawl out of nervousness, get into accidents, or just somehow find a way to double the commute time.  No thanks!

While I didnt have to deal with drivers, somehow all the train riders at the Bramalea station also lost their brains.  First, I coudlnt get off the train because people were crowding so much, and not offering space.  I thought the general rule is to let people off, then get on.  This rule was thrown into a puddle, and I had to fight my way out.

To top things off, after I managed to push my way through the crowd, I was about to enter the stairwell when a lady opened her giant umbrella right in front of her, right into me.  Yeah, I was hit square on from face to knees with an oversized pink, wet sloppy mess.  Who does that?  Even better, she was literally 2 steps from the train, so instead of apologizing, she just walked her 2 steps, closed her umbrella and got on the train.  Unnecessary AND rude!

Im going to wait by the entrance for her to get off tonight, hopefully I can open my wet sloppy blue umbrella into her face too.


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