Christmas Suggestion

If you are looking for a suggestion for me for Christmas, here it is, and the pain behind it.

We have a great little coffee maker that we love.  In the last few weeks, we have had to press the start button on it twice per brew as it seems to be making only half a cup and leaving the other half of the water untouched.  I was fine with this, it really makes the best coffee.

Lee however, decided to “fix” it.

It now needs at least 10 presses of the button, or to be held down permanently.  I was lucky to wake up early this morning as it added an extra 5 minutes onto my very tight morning schedule.  My poor coffee maker.  Lee needs to stick to fixing golf clubs, not the thing that prevents morning crabbyness.

The problem now is that we are so picky when it comes to coffee.  Its like fine wine for us, and it has to be just right.  Here’s the list of things my dream coffee maker should be:

  • exactly like my current one, only not broken 😦  We got it for $3 from value village, and its wonderful!  They just don’t make these things anymore
  • Double serve, not a full pot.  These tiny cups are perfect for me in the morning, 2 cups fit into my travel mug.  On days I don’t work (those don’t exist in the winter) the 2 cups are nice to share between Lee and I
  • No garbage.  Nothing keurig or tassimo, it creates way too much garbage.  Frankly they should be outlawed.  This one had a reusable filter, even better!
  • Plug in and drip. No stove top or french presses, they are far too messy and take up too much of my morning
  • Can fit standard sized mugs, that’s my only complaint about these little cups, I cant use my big mugs underneath it.

So if you are perusing the second hand stores and find something like this, please think of me and my poor caffeine deprived body!


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