Dogs are nothing but trouble!

Working this weekend was pretty good… with the exception of the dogs!

Saturday, they just happened to always be in the way.  They were scaring horses in the wash stalls, leaving muddy footprints on the clean tack room floor, spreading the cat’s food dishes throughout the barn and constantly in the way of my wheelbarrow.  It was a disaster.

The disaster came again on Sunday.  I turned my back for only a few minutes to check on the bunnies (one had escaped and got a bloody nose from digging in the gravel) and when I came back, Winnie had eaten the ENTIRE bag of cat food.  Zoey may have assisted, but knowing her, she usually just tags along and watches while Winnie gets into trouble.

Here they are looking very guilty:

When I came back in the afternoon Sunday, I found out that Winnie also ate the entire potato salad from a kid’s birthday party going on that day.  Nice Winnie, Nice.

The more I hang out with dogs, the more I am glad with my decision to stick with cats, rabbits and horses.


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