On Monday, I started yoga, for the first time ever.

You may be wondering how someone like me hasnt ever done yoga before.  Yes I have had intentions of trying it many times.  I even did a little bit of it on the Wii Fit back when we first got that (and before the new toy excitement wore off).  For the most part, its been a busy thing.  I have packed my schedule so tight, it would explode when opening.  This has been for the last… oh… 10 years?  Haha.

So I finally got on board, the big push factor was my extreme crookedness since my fall, and the small push was I was able to find a deal for 10 classes at a place along my route home from work.

I warned the instructor “this is my first time” she said “this isn’t a beginners class”  Of course, when I emailed the studio prior, they said every class was beginner friendly.  Oh well.
I kept up surprisingly well.  There were certain movements that had me wobbling almost all the way over, but for the most part, I am strong and was able to do them quite well.  The instructor has a great roar to her when you get it right “YESSSSSSSS”  Of course, I thought all these were for me, being the one who needed the most work, and I’m sure many of them are.  Even if they weren’t, i pretended they were for me and took the encouragement!

No surprises for the parts of me that are tight or weak.  Left side of my ribcage, check, back of my legs, check, ankles, checkaroo, inside of hips – oh boy do they need some opening up!  Parts that already kick butt:  abs, legs (so long as I don’t have to engage the back of them!), arms and shoulders.

Next week, lesson #2! 


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