Goodbye, Hello

I alluded to some big news pending last week, and its about time I announce it and my reasoning officially.

As of this Friday, Bentley will be moving to Myrddin.  http://www.myrddin.info/

With the recent increase in board cost at GEC, I had to weigh all my options.  Cost was my first major concern.  If I added all my costs together, including lessons and increased need for grain in the summer, Myrddin was cheaper.  Not a lot cheaper, but every dollar counts when you keep a budget as tight as I do! 

But then again, I was comparing apples to oranges.  The rate I was using at GEC is outdoor board, Myrddin is indoor board (GECs indoor is higher price than Myrddin’s).  GEC has the beautiful valley to explore and train on, Myrddin has better indoor facilities and well maintained cross country jumps.  GEC has friends who have turned to family in the last 2 years, Myrddin has lots of nice people too and seems to be a more adult environment.  GEC is relaxed and fun and allows my horse to be out 24/7, Myrddin follows a very organized schedule for feed and turnout and I know he will have the best of care (although he may need some stall toys!).

Yes, they are totally different, and I love both for many different reasons.  But the cost is very important to me.  Another large push factor is I have been having trouble getting lessons with Margie because of my work schedule.  I had been considering the move for those purposes alone for the past month and a half or so, but the cost is what gave me that kick to make my move.  I think with the price increase also, the friends I know may also disperse to other barns, so I no longer have that factor to consider as much.

I would have liked to give it more time and moved at the end of the month, however I am on vacation at the end of november and start of december, and it just made more sense to do a half month than have to work out daily rates.  I have been very quiet about it, a few of you already know, but I didnt want anyone to start being sad and make a big deal that I was leaving.  I also didnt want any rumours going around until I could write like this and explain myself!

So now its happening, sweet but bitter.  I thought I should write a bit about what I will miss most, but also what I am looking forward to (because I always like to think towards the positive!)

What I will miss about GEC:

  • The cheerful “Hey Sarah!” that I get from almost everyone who rides there when I arrive on property.  That followed by the excited “Are you riding today?”  Everyone there is so supportive, its like everyone has their own fan club built right in.
  • Running the harvest hack (hmm I may still have to come back for this!) and seeing the girl’s faces when they come in off the trail.
  • Knowing that whatever you need, someone will drop everything to help you
  • Going out for long hacks around the fields on an autumn day
  • Riding in the dark, around the cornfields (which we still call cornfields even though it hasnt had corn in over a year!)
  • Gallops in the plateau
  • Watching the kids (and child at hearts) and their goofy antics at the barn…. I expect I will still see plenty of these pics on facebook!
  • The looks and comments I get when I come to the barn in a beautiful dress and shoes straight from work, to save my horse before lightning storms

What I look forward to at Myrddin

  • not having to soil my work clothes when I want to check on him in crazy weather as he will already be on indoor board haha
  • Also regarding the indoor board, not having to go out in the mud on cold dark nights and struggle with the gate!  Come in, horse is cozy in stall, sounds fabulous!  Makes up for the extra drive time I suppose.
  • Heated indoor arena – I think this is what saved it for Lee.  It was the first smile I saw on his face regarding the move. 
  • Grain 3 times a day
  • I can be hands off, blanketing, booting, bandaging, feeding is all done for me… this is going to feel weird, but good!
  • Bentley can be a diva!  I know how he hates mud and loves attention.  Im guessing hes going to demand a lot of loving while in his stall, and hes going to get it.  We can pretend he is horse royalty.
  • Only 16-18 horses vs around 60.  Again, he gets to be horse royalty!
  • Lots of new cross country jumps to try, ones that are safer too!  And a coach to help me through them.

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