This day feels positive to me!

I am in a great mood today for a few reasons.

1) Bentley is moving tomorrow.  While this is sad (I’m not sure how many people know yet, I did make the earlier blog post, but while I can see numbers, I cant see who is reading!) its also very happy.  I am looking forward to a fresh start for us, including what I hope will be a healthier happier horse.  On that same note, I spent last night post-groceries putting together the single-serve supplement packs for Bentley which he will start when he moves in.  B1 vitamin, Vitamin E and Selenium, and the big addition this month is Wheatgrass to help him bounce back from the lack of pasture and lack of nutrients in the soil.  Lee told me last night it looked like I was making drugs:

2) That led me to an “Ah Ha!” moment, and immediately contacted Theresa at Neachai (Go like them on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Neachai-Equine-Ayurveda/356800097671367?fref=ts) to see if she wanted to write an article for the pulse about using herbs as alternatives.  She will!  I am excited to see the article that comes out of it, and hopefully get more in the meantime. 

3) Continuing on with the theme of The Pulse, I had received emails in the last day from Deanna, Phyllis and Carol all with ideas for articles or a ready article, asking about deadlines and whatnot.  So glad to get these!  I think this might be the most article-heavy pulse yet!  I also had some brainstorms for more ideas to solicit, just need to find out who can do them.  I will post my full list of “wants” once I am done… I don’t think my list is ready quite yet!

4) I got the big things at work done early.  Nothing like getting the hard things off your plate to reveal a great afternoon!


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