The (first) big move!

I was able to get out of work a little early on Friday, explaining that trailers have the potential to turn into horse eating monsters after dark.  So I rushed to the barn where Linda was waiting, her and Lee hooked up the trailer, while I gave Bentley a quick brush and slapped on his protective gear.

Led him out to the trailer, and wouldn’t you know it… he walked right on!  Ok… halfway on.  Just stood with his front feet on the trailer and back feet on the ground a while, thinking “Hmmm, everyones looking at me and cheering for me!”  So he invented the game, 2 feet on, then go back off.  He stepped up and down many times, and seemed to enjoy the game.  Eventually, we had enough of it and put the lead rope behind him.  He popped right up and was ready to go.

Along the drive, Linda told me how happy she was for me, and how she had decided she will be moving too.  She had settled on a place in Caledon, close to the Caledon trailways and was waiting on info as to whether a stall was available (as some horses were going to Florida etc).  Sad she is going to go in the opposite direction 😦 wont be seeing her as much!

Bentley unloaded like a charm.  Stepped right off like he had been doing it all the time.  Brilliant!  He had a good look around with that excited strength he gets, not dragging me or anything, but is much more difficult to convince.  As soon as we entered into the barn, he was met with lots of “awww’s” and “hes so cute!”

He immediately chilled as we put him in the crossties to figure out where he was going.  Eventually, we determined he was to go in the stall labelled “Sally” – quick wipe off the whiteboard there!  He was home!  Immediately the nose was in the hay.  Typical!  Margie was in lessons, so we left him to settle in while we went home to make dinner and grab more stuff.

On our return, we filled in all the legal forms and set up a feeding plan with Margie.  She commented on how skinny he was and that he looks wormy (it wasnt an insult, I had been thinking the same thing).  Vet will be taking a sample and treating them all sometime soon.  So that’s good!  Also found some rain rot (scabby skin infection from mud) on his hindquarters, but she seemed confident that it will disappear with better pasture/stall conditions and good food.  We decided that since I was unsure how much hay he was actually getting at GEC (he isn’t much of a fighter, and I was seeing signs before we left that he wasn’t getting much or maybe even anything when it was being fed) and because I will be away next week, to just stick with good hay and see how much he bounces back before adding any grain.  We will work him up as we determine he needs it.  He IS however getting some roughage chunks so he doesn’t feel left out when everyone else gets grain.  Also, something to put his supplements and flax in.  Flax was another recommendation from Margie to get his coat shining again.

I couldn’t get a good picture of him the night he moved in, it was too dark and he kept on coming to visit me.

The day after, he was poking his head out of his stall.  Corner unit also with a view outside, hes going to see all the action!

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