The (second) big move!

As I am sure you are curious from my previous title, I should explain.

But where to start?  I suppose I should start by saying that the owner was away for the weekend, and I didn’t have to stick around work all day.  Saturday, I finished up in the morning as I usually do, went home for some lunch, and casually drove up to Myrddin to ride on what was truly a gorgeous day!

I will get to my ride in another post. 

No word of a lie… the moment I went to put on Bentley’s bridle, my phone rings.  I fumble to find my phone, and see its Linda.  Ok, I will answer that!

Here was our conversation

L “Hey are you at your barn?”
S “Yes I am at the barn, whats up?”
L “Where are you?”
S “Im at Myrddin”
L “Im at your barn”
S “You are at Myrddin?”
L”No your work barn”
S “Oh I am at Myrddin, why are you at my work?”
L “I’m going to move”

Yes it carried on in that confusing matter but the result was Linda decided to move to Hunter Green (at Halton Place!)

We agreed to meet at 4 when I came back to bring in the horses, and she showed up with Sable in the trailer!  Yes, she works fast!

I am so very happy for them.  Happy for me too!  I was very disappointed that Linda was moving all the way to Caledon, this means that I will still get to see her and Sable every weekend.  Hm.  Maybe I should move here too?  Nah, I made the right decision for me.

But still, very very happy for Linda.  Lynne and Vicki have been awesome, the facilities were great and I know Linda will be happy there.  Sable must think shes in horsey heaven (but that would have been a terrible title for this blog haha)  I had to rub it in a little bit since I had been bugging her to check out the place since she first told me she was considering moving.  I knew it was a good match!

Rick came in the following day to see it too, and was clearly impressed with the place (and the fact that I was dusting) He wasn’t always a fan of Linda’s plan to move, but I am sure the gorgeous place and happy horses were enough to convince him.

If you want to see what it looks like:  http://www.huntergreenec.com/facilities.shtml


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