Yoga again.

I went for my second yoga class on Monday.  All the women were complaining about how much they hurt after the last week, hm I didnt feel that bad!  Same with this time, clearly the riding helps yoga as much as yoga helps riding!  I felt that also on certain stretches we did, how I was able to do far more with my back muscles than the average person.

There was one stretch, where I must have really excited my teacher because she came over with loud compliments and proceeded to sit on my back to push me harder (in a good way, because I was already as far as I could get without pressure).  Nobody else in the class had that response!  Wooo!  Of course, there were still stretches where I was barely competent.  Would you believe I have never been able to touch my toes while flat footed? I can barely get my hands past my knees.  Just cant keep that heel down.  Even as a child I walked as though I was wearing invisible stilettos.

One thing I did notice however as I stretched towards my toes… “Oh no!  My feet smell!”  How embarassing!  It made for a very long hour.  Lesson learned!  Its hard to stay focused and relaxed when smelly invades, its worse when you know you are the culprit!


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