Yoga – lesson number 3.5

Although I desperately wanted to go visit my horsie last night, I went to my usual Monday yoga class.  I tried to justify not going but as I counted the amount of Mondays left before my 10 class pass expired, it was quite apparent that I couldn’t make any excuses.

Don’t worry, i haven’t forgotten to write about my vacation, but I haven’t had a chance to go through photos yet and I thought it was better to write about yoga while it is fresh in my mind. 

So last night was focused on lower back, shoulders and wrists… my specialty!  I certainly stunned my teacher Lorie with my super-yoga that night.  In fact, there was some where I was able to hold the pose better than her (to give her credit, she had been doing zumba all day and was likely tired at this point!)

She said there was a “request of the week” to do camel pose (I assume this was from one of her other classes) and said that it was hard but we will work up to it and no hard feelings if we cant get it.  Well, I not only got it… PERFECTLY (in her words) but it was relatively easy for me.  She certainly raved about my back’s flexibility and I was able to push it and all the other poses very far.  I was wearing my GEC tshirt, not sure if anyone made the connection that riding & mucking=incredible back strength! 

Some of the balance poses also were quite easy for me, and I related it to things I do at the house or barn.  Gives me an idea for a photo series.  That will come in a few months I am sure once I get all my thoughts together!

Lorie is great, so encouraging, I cant believe how well I am able to perform with her.  Hmmm hopefully I can find it in the budget after my 10 classes are done to keep going.  Time to start eating less or something!


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