Vacation – Day 1: Debarkation

The day started out nice and early with our trip to the airport.  There was a slight setback when our boarding passes we had printed in advance didnt work, so we had to go through the whole ordeal. 

After clearing security, we all took turns going to the bathroom, Katrina came back stating about how some child vomit had accidentally flung her way and got on her hand.  Of course, I snickered to which she tried to curse me with a sick child next to me on the plane.

The opposite coudlnt be more true, instead I only had one person, empty seat in the middle, and he was very quiet and kept to himself.  Exactly how I want to spend my flight!  The time *pun intended* flew by and we were in San Juan before I knew it.

After landing, all 9 of us met to get taxis to port, however Nancy’s cane had been forgotten/lost/stolen so only half of us went to the port.  It was nice to be able to wait somewhere with some ventilation and Katrina and Heather went for ice cream.

Nice Heather!

Heather and went ahead of everyone else to get checked in.  When we got there, they took a picture of us together for souvenir purposes.  Just as we were about to check in with our boarding passes, everyone else came in and yelled at us to wait for them (although looking back, we didnt need them for anything… one of the negatives about travelling in large groups, one person gets confused and confuses the rest then new rules and directions get created!)  Everyone else went to get their souvenir photo done but Katrina missed it, so she was being called back.  I told her she had to go and get the photo for her ship ID and even though everyone was posing in photos together, she believed me and stood alone for her photo.  Heather and I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!  Katrina wasnt very happy and made a stink about it, which of course made us laugh more. 

Heather and I were sharing a room, so we went together to find it after some more confusion resulting in dad forbidding us to go to our rooms (thats what happens when you get older, punishment isnt going to your room, its staying out of it) while he tried to set the limits on our spending cards.  It was painful to watch him try to use the touchscreen  and eventually as he was giving up and telling us to go to our rooms and figure it out later, I just took over and did it in only a minute.  The room  was quite nice, the window was actually very large, not just a port hole, but a full window.

I cant remember what we did after that.  Probably some exploring before dinner.  Dinner was very good, I seem to remember having the fish.  The portions were fine dining, which some  may consider small, but I was happy with just one appetiser, one main, and sorbet for dessert.  Of course that sparked the debate as to what is the difference between sorbet and sherbert.  Also signed up for a “cruise the vineyards” package which gave me 5 bottles of wine (split with Katrina).  It was just enough to last us all 7 nights of the trip!

After dinner, I believe I did some more exploring, found the gym and got the schedule for yoga.  I met up with Katrina and Ramlin (Nancy’s friend) later as we wanted to go to some of the onboard bars/clubs.  We tried every one (probably 4 or 5) but they all were deserted.  Only had one drink in one of the bars and went back to the rooms.  We met up with Heather who was apparently not allowed in the teen club without written permission from parents (at 16, who really needs this!) so we all just hung out until 3am in Katrina and Ramlin’s room.  Ordered some room service which is free and called it a night!


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