Happy Anniversary!

On this day exactly 1 year ago, I traded a wad of cash for a wad of fur.

Many of you may remember where we were a year ago.  A horse that had very little handling and was afraid of people.  I couldn’t touch anywhere from his shoulder up, or belly down without him being terrified or kicking out with displeasure.  Putting on a bridle or halter was out of the question, its a good thing he came with one!

Within a few days, I was able to touch him enough to catch him in the field (even with some silly games) and sort of lead him.

A few days later he was picking up his feet and letting me put a saddlepad on him.  He was still an a-hole to lead and sometimes we spend over an hour just trying to get from the field to the barn.  How I wasn’t injured or killed from being dragged through the mud that many times, I don’t know.  Despite that, he was progressing nicely in hand… no longer trying to play nip me when trotting beside me and following commands well.

Only a few weeks after I got him, I saddled him and sat on his back for the first time.  He took it like a pro!

Soon I was able to (after great struggle) get a bit less bridle on him and we started working at faster gaits.

In March, we did our first ride on the “trails” in other words, around the hayfield. 

In April, he was starting to be ok with his ears being touched and for our first lesson with Margie, I introduced the bit.  Took it like he had been doing it all his life!
Over the summer we had issues with on and off lameness, so instead of working him too much, we found other ways to amuse ourselves.

And finally at the end of September, he was able to complete his first and second distance ride!  Wow, look how different he looks!  Not physically, but he is so much more mature and confident.  No longer a little boy!

He has become the horse I can do anything with, the horse of my dreams!  Now we are at our new home, and looking forward to many more great years to come.


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