Vacation Day 2: St. Thomas

The first day we landed in St. Thomas.  The plan here was that me, my 2 sisters and my parents would branch off from the other 4, take a rental car, and hit the beach.  This was probably the most relaxing day we had!

We got the rental car, and guess what, in St Thomas they drive on the left side of the road.  To make things more confusing however, they don’t use the British style cars (where driver sits on right side), they use American cars (maybe because they are American territory?) which puts the driver on the outside of the road.  That made it very difficult for dad to drive, and we all had to be very quiet.  Shhhhhhh.  Ok, that’s a little tricky for a bunch of women on the way to the beach!

We made it there safely, despite not being able to see around some turns.  The beach is free to visit but you have to pay $5 for a beach chair and they have a bar.  Our server’s name was Sasha and she was very hospitable.  There were specials on buckets of Corona.  I had Heather or Katrina take a picture of me doing the stereotype corona by the beach picture, but its on someone else’s camera.  I wanted to make Lee a little jealous!

Looking out from our spot to the left.
And to the right!  That’s where the good snorkeling was I am told.
We stayed there for the better part of the day.  I went out swimming immediately when we got there, but I didn’t stay long because even without putting my face in the water, the salt was really hurting my eyes.  I went back in a second time and was very careful to breaststroke out keeping my head out of the water.  Stroke, stroke, stroke… uh oh!  I hit something that didn’t feel quite like water!  Jellyfish!  I immediately spun and swam as fast as i could out of the water, keeping my head up but still splashing in my eyes.  I like to use the phrase “I punched a jellyfish”  as that’s what it really felt like.  I’m sure there are some good Chuck Norris jokes you can get out of that.
After a bucket of beer and some delicious smoothies, it was time to leave and we drove back toward the ship.  We stopped a few times to take photos. 
At one particularly beautiful spot, we saw a very nice ass.  Pun definitely intended!

Her name is Lady Gaga and she wears a beautiful flowered hat.  Take whatever jokes from that you want!

The roads were pretty steep (or we thought this until we got to some of the other islands)  Here is a picture I took out the back window, level with the car.  As you can see, you cant see road!  That’s how steep it was!

Mom had eaten back at the beach.  She ate the only sandwich, and left her daughters to starve!  Haha.  So when we saw Wendys and really had to use the *trusted* bathroom, so we grabbed a bite to eat.  After, Katrina and I both bought a hat at the market across the street as neither of us had something floppy to protect our heads.  Both of us lost our hats at later points in the trip.  With the hat, my fanny backpack and my camera, I pulled off the ultimate tourist look!
I realized after, if I wanted the perfect tourist picture, I shouldn’t have stood in front of the boat, but instead something weird or meaningless, like a fire hydrant or something.  Oh well!
Of course we had to stop at the bar in front of the ship when we saw IT HAD SWINGS!

Heather wasn’t allowed to sit at the bar swings because she wasn’t 18.  However, she WAS allowed to sit on a stool 2 feet back from the bar and watch us enjoy the swings.  Doesn’t she look like she is having a great time?

After we got on the ship, it was pretty much a normal night.  Dinner at 6, then after I had relaxed enough to feel less bloated, I went to the gym and went for a nice 5 mile run on the treadmill.  I was happy to find out that my Monday night shows were on my own personal treadmill TV, so the time passed quickly and soon the gym was closing.  Early to bed. Early to rise!

This cool dude greeted me in my room and assisted in a restful slumber.



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