Vacation Day 3 – Day at Sea

The third day was our only day at sea.  I booked a yoga class with Katrina for 8am.

The lesson was ok, but not great (I am really spoiled with the classes I have here)  they were all basic poses, and I am pretty sure its a standard script.  The instructor seemed more like a personal trainer who can do yoga than an actual yoga instructor.  The hour seemed long and repetitive.  The good side to it was the rocking ship added a new element to balance.  Katrina thought there was too many poses above the floor with the rocking of the ship, but I thought it could have gone further. 

After that, we put our stuff on some chairs we assumed to be in the adults only section and went to grab breakfast.  When I returned (we separated briefly after breakfast to get our swimsuits on) I realized we couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only was the area NOT adults only, it was actually the toddler pool!

Of course, we immediately found somewhere else, and was lucky enough to have our own little section which had some shade for most of the day.  Heather and Ramlin joined us later.

After a few hours of lounging, I grew restless (I am not very good at doing nothing) and went to the gym for a run.  This was neat because the gym looks over the bow and in the daytime they open up the blinds, and it almost looks like you are running over the water.  I ran 7 miles, and COULD have done much more if it weren’t for the giant blisters forming on each of my big toes.  My cardio and strength is there, now I have to figure out what to do about my shoes sliding ever so slightly.

Mom and dad happened to be touring the gym just as I was cooling down so I went with them to show them where everyone was.  Well they had all left and left my stuff behind.  I wasn’t too happy about that.

After a shower, I went to get lunch, only to find out I had missed the lunch buffet by only about 5 minutes.  I had to settle with eating from the snack bar.  Unfortunately all I could really eat from there was nachos or french fries.  Not so good of a meal after running 7 miles!  I wish they had more fresh snacks available on board.  The closest thing to a vegetable at the snack bar was salsa.

I sat down and looked out over the boat while eating, but it was windy and instead of having a serene moment, my nachos blew into my hair and down the row of deck chairs, branding them all with gooey cheese.  oops!

Again, evening was pretty usual, good dinner in the dining room (we didn’t go to the buffet any of the days) and early to bed for me.  Some may think its a waste, but my favourite thing to do on vacation is to go to bed early and enjoy a nice long sleep!


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