Yet another packed weekend.

Friday night was wonderful!  I went to see Heather and Rurik at their new barn.  It had felt like forever since we had hung out, and her new barn is almost completely deserted after dark.  We could vent about whatever, leaving us feeling great at the end!

Rurik is putting weight back on since I last saw him, he still is missing that sparkle in his eye when we fetched him from the field, but it comes back after being ridden for a few minutes.  We both suspected he is still adjusting from the move last week, and figuring out his place in the new herd.

Saturday was a regular day at Halton Place, but now Linda is there.  Shes off on vacation this week, so I offered to exercise Sable while she is gone.  So after I finished my morning chores, I got on Sable briefly and had my first ride in the HP arena.  Its so large and beautiful, and it felt so different to ride in it vs lunging or passing through to visit the bathroom.  I’m going to take a lesson on Sable with Lynne sometime this week, this is especially great because with Margie injured, I am not sure when I will get my next lesson with her.

I didn’t have enough time to get to Myrddin after that, because I needed to be out of work with time to get clean and pretty for my office party.  On my way back from lunch, I started having a bad headache. 

It didn’t stop on the way to the party, and the loud music just made it worse of course.  We still stayed throughout dinner but left before I could see a lot of the people I wanted to say hi to that night.  One interesting thing DID happen.  The DJ must have put his decorative curtains too close to the lights, and smoke set off the alarm for the whole building.  The fire department did arrive to which I told a few of the ladies “Our evening entertainment has arrived!”  This is particularly funny because last year we had an “award winning dance team” as entertainment, which turned out to be Vegas style showgirls.  Of course, they tried to get men on the dance floor with them which turned to all sorts of awkward.  After that, the dance floor was hot lava… nobody wanted to touch it! No dancers this year, but I like to think the ladies did get a little eye candy for being such good sports last year.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the Myrddin potluck on my lunch, but my headache had not yet gone away.  I opted to nap it off on my lunch, which helped greatly!  I had wanted to go ride after work, but the snow had just started and calling for freezing rain, Lee didn’t want me to go out late on country roads.  Also, the water mysteriously stopped at 5pm at HP… so I was sticky with ulcer medication (the syringe kept sticking, so in my struggles I managed to cover myself with it!), a shower was much needed.

I am hoping to get up to see Bentley tonight after yoga.  I don’t usually try to cram in both, but I haven’t seen him since Thursday and I miss him!


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