Other Barn Animals

I was going through and cleaning up the photos on my phone, and decided I should share some of them before deleting.

Unnamed kitties, these arrived at some point last week.  They are still very timid, but by Sunday I was able to gently scratch them on their backs while they ate, although they didn’t seem to pleased with it!

Nemo enjoying the tack room when I left the door open.  Locked rooms seem to be a magnet for cats.

Winnie forced his way into the hay room and couldn’t get back out.  This happens at least once every weekend.

Bubbles and Nemo taunt Winnie as he struggles.

Timmy in the hay, back when he was skinny.  I swear, one day he was skinny, then I come back the next weekend (not over my vacation, just 5 days) and he was fat.  I barely even recognised him.

Minnie also fairly new, took a while to warm up to people.  This was the first time she enjoyed a face scratch from me.

Timmy wants to play with Minnie.  Now that hes fat, its a very unfair fight.  She hasn’t grown at all.

Dori takes advantage of a good snuggle spot.

Winnie and Zoey looking guilty after eating 1kg of cat food.

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