Horse for the Holidays

This last week, a new addition came to my work. Her name is Irish and she is an off track thoroughbred who was on her way to meat just a week ago.

There have been several stories in the newspapers about the fate of horses with the failing race industry and the poor treatment of many of these horses. A friend of the owners’ read one of these articles and decided it was his duty to adopt the horse in the newspaper. Well many other people must have had the same thoughts because the horse was already gone, thus began the search for a horse in need of a home. With a very short search, Irish was found, loaded and moved to Halton Place.

Now, I can only imagine what went on in this mare’s mind… she probably thought she died on that trailer and this was heaven. Literally the exact opposite of her fate.

So Saturday’s instructions were to brush any errant shavings off her body and put her in a Halton Place blanket for 10am. Irish’s new “daddy” was bringing the rest of the family to meet her for the first time, they had no idea they were about to be horse owners. Lynn told me “you better get this place clean FAST” and with fresh linens, juices and coffee being prepared by the housekeepers in the aisles of the barn, I knew she was right; this was a much bigger deal than I was led to believe!

When HP owner came down, he had me hold Irish in the centre of the hallway, it must have been quite a sight to see, the big wide aisles, chandeliers and Irish dolled up in her new blankie with a “handler” She was truly the image of VIP! (or VIH in this case)

When they arrived, everyone was happy to meet Irish and it took the wife and daughter a few minutes a minute or two to realize this horse WAS THEIRS. They were so excited, even cried a little bit. We all celebrated with champagne. What a special moment I got to be part of. It was very unforgettable.

They came in again on Sunday for their first grooming lesson with me. I had forgotten how much I love to teach and share my love of horses. I was pleased that they wanted to be so involved in the care of this horse. She is such a doll too, at one point she had 5 people surrounding her… grooming, patting, and feeding carrots and she just soaked it all in. She is loved so much already and reciprocating that love tenfold.

Hopefully I see them more often, they were so nice! They even watched me go about my evening chores, asking questions about sweeping etc because they wanted to know “what they could help with while they are here” Wonderful words to hear!


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