The Story on My Fingers

Since I have a few people asking, and 2/3 are well enough now to type, here goes:

Tuesday I noticed some swelling on my left middle finger. I get this sometimes as a nailbiter when a hangnail is present, so I didnt give it much thought… it usually goes away after a day or so. I didnt see any hangnail or cut however.

Thursday, we got a christmas tree. It took both Lee and I to get it into the base, my job was to fasten the base while he steadied the tree. How can you hurt yourself doing that? Well, I am an old pro at hurting myself in the most inconceivable ways. As I kneeled down to the base of the tree, hands before knees, the vent below me shifted and pinched the pads of my left ring and pinky with my full body weight. 3 in a row! Yes, lots of blood and bruising. The ring finger had a chunk taken right off, the injury to the pinky was more substantial in size, but no flesh was removed so it was easier to treat. They are now healing nicely and I am no longer bandaging them. I am missing some feeling in the pinky, but I suspect there isnt any nerve damage, that its just all the dead cells blocking any feeling.

While those are better, my middle finger has gotten steadily worse. Through the weekend, it increased to the size and colour of a grape (red ones, not green!) and is very painful all the time. It must be some sort of infection, how it happened we still arent sure as we cant find any entry point. Its a mystery! I am hoping to get to the doctor tonight or tomorrow for perhaps some antibiotics. Of course, to make matters worse; the stallion at work who can be quite lippy found a way to connect the teeth and managed to find this finger only. Last night although I had taken 2 advil before bed, I awoke at 4am because of the extreme pain. Hard to believe a little finger can do this much!

I am going to skip yoga tonight, I think poses like downward dog or plank are a bad idea at this point. Maybe instead I will be just as stupid and ride instead.


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