Another finger update

Went to the Doctor’s last night. Diagnosis is somewhere along the lines of cellulitis (no not cellulite! Thats a different type of hurt) aka infection beneath the skin.

I am on antibiotics and have been given instructions to monitor it for 24-48 hours. If it is not improving by then, they will have to cut it open. Yuck, I really dont want this to happen!

In addition, I am told the cuticle might lift up and start oozing. I guess that’s a good thing as its a release of pressure. So I am literally waiting for my finger to explode which is somehow more preferable to me than cutting it open.

Last night was the worst pain yet. A few times I thought I was going to be sick from it. I managed to suck back enough advil to get to sleep although it didnt last the night. When I did wake up however, the pain had lowered from the night before but was still enough to keep me awake. This morning the pain has gone down a lot, the finger itself looks a bit bigger and is starting to turn purple with a small dark blue point on it while also starting to look more like clear skin, I suspect this is where ooze will happen and am cheering it on.

Lee said I look like ET.




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