My Horse may never get clipped

Oh so many woes have come from me trying to relieve my horse of his fur… which is thicker than my half persian cat and is torture in these above average temperatures.

First, he hates clippers.  Seriously hates them.  He goes from puppy dog to raging maniac in a nanosecond when he hears the sound… nevermind they should get close to him!  Because of this, I didnt buy clippers this year at any of the wonderful sales in the fall because I figured, it wouldnt be worth even trying.  Of course, since the move it became vary apparent it HAD to be done.  Now that he is frisky again, he needs more work, and with more work comes more sweat.  Gross.

So I set about finding clippers.  To my delight, I found a manual clipper on the bahr’s website: http://www.bahrsaddlery.com/wahl-hand-clipper.html and the very day I found them, I decided I should run by there after work to buy them.  Luckily, before i left, I called and asked if they had them in stock… answer was no.  Figures.  Oh well, they would be incredibly tedious anyway.

Moving on, Bentley was due to have his teeth done again.  Perfect, I can take advantage of the sedation and clip him then!  Now I just need a pair of electric clippers.  Remembering how last time I ordered from Pleasant Ridge, they delivered in 3 days, I went to their site to see the selection.  They are a lot cheaper than the places around here.  I found an open box item that was well within my budget and immediately clicked “add to cart” but wait… manual clippers there!  Hooray!  That means even if I DONT get it in time to clip him with the electrics, or he wakes up halfway through, I still have SOMETHING.  So I put in my order and waited for the vet to call me and tell me when this would all happen.

2 days later (Friday), i get a call from Pleasant Ridge… they dont have the manual clippers in stock.  Woe is me! Is it even worth ordering now? I go ahead with the order anyway, and they assured me that since the order would be processed and given to the shipper the moment I got off the phone, I should have the clippers Monday.  Ok, vet wont be in until at least then anyway, we should be able to manage this.  I didnt get an email about order being processed until Monday, so it didnt even leave the warehouse until then. 

On the other end, I sent an email out on Monday morning reminding that I wanted to know about when the vet would be there, so I can make clipping arrangements.  I got an email back on tuesday saying it had been done the previous day and they forgot to call me.  Great.  They can sedate him again if I buy the drugs, but I just cant afford it with christmas and year end (all my horsey memberships and insurance just got paid up and cost about $400… and I am not sure what to expect of this vet bill for all his shots, teeth and worming)

My electric clippers from PR are still in transit, they used the postal code for my billing address in my shipping address, and it has now been rerouted several times.  I dont know when I am going to receive them.  Not like that matters now anyway.

I cant find manuals anywhere, and had gotten a quote from Dover Saddlery that to ship them from the states would cost $90 (the item itself is only $11… not worth it!)  So I bought from Ebay and its coming from Britain.  The cost is about the same as from Bahr’s (except I had a gift card for there), and I should expect it in 5-10 business days (probably more because of the holidays) 

I dont know what to expect of these… I guarantee it will be tedious, uneven, and ugly, but even if he ends up polkadotted in clip, he will have some relief.  Clearly, i dont have any qualms with a rediculous looking horse, but I am going to browse the internet now for “bad clip jobs” to make myself feel a little better.






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