Vacation Day 6: St. Kitts

I should have chronicled this sooner, as now the islands are starting to blend together a bit. Frankly, if I didnt have a picture of the University sign, I may not have remembered St. Kitts… the vacation was longer than I thought!

Again, we had a private taxi/tour booked for the day. Our first stop was a place where they do Batique (wax dyed fabrics) They actually had beautiful gardens there, much superior to the one in St. Lucia so I got a few good pictures.






Moving on, we stopped again at a lookout point with some incredible waves and rocks. There was some shopping, but I was too busy climbing down the cliffs to get a better photo.


These tourists were afraid of the donkey, but slowly edged toward it. I found it rather amusing and loved the expression on the donkeys face.


Along our drive, we ran into the train. You can do tours on the train, but apparently you don’t see as much and the novelty wears off quickly.


Apologies for the following photo quality, I got a bit of window reflection in it, but I wanted to share the roads. I think this island wins the award for scariest roads (Although the contest is quite close). Hairpin turns at steep steep angles, and chance of falling rocks. Looking out here, you see the atlantic on the left, the Caribbean is on the right, and following the road would bring us to the beaches.


At the first beach we went to, there were monkeys! Of course as you see in this picture Katrina immediately reached into her bag to feed the monkeys, completely missing the sign right in front of her (Until I made a point of telling her)






The other beach we went to (where we actually swam) had free wifi, free chairs and tables in the shade, and a friend for us to snuggle with. After popping in the water, I turned the wifi on my phone and got hundreds of emails from work… not emergencies, mostly just fuel quotes that I keep for records, but boy did my phone ever have it rough!


Oh hello friend!


We fed her cheese and had her undivided attention for the rest of the afternoon.



When we got back to the ship, I walked in the door and was disappointed there wasnt a towel animal on my bed like usual. I went about my business, and over to my drawers to put away my passport and money and my heart almost stopped when I saw this hanging right beside my face.


I dont know how I missed it when I walked into the room, but it was as if there was a death threat hanging from the mirror. Heather had a good laugh at my outburst and we decided the monkey would stay. It was left there the day after too, but they added demon eyes to it. Terrifying towels!


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