Finger has been sliced!

So this is how my finger looked yesterday:
Mississauga-20121219-01645 (2)

It was clear some slice and dice needed to be done. Mom accompanied me to the doctor yesterday for the procedure so I wouldn’t have to drive home after. One thing I can say is a needle to the finger HURTS SO MUCH. I was yelling a lot! I wonder how much it would have hurt to go without… because I suspect it may have been less than the needle itself.

Tons of ooze and blood came out. The swelling is down quite a bit today which is good (if it wasnt I would have to be in the ER right now) but ooze is still working its way out. I am changing bandaids frequently and taking my antibiotics.

Heres what it looks like today. Yes, it looks worse, but it’s actually better.


It’s all purple because it’s bruised from all the pressure of the past few days. It must have been bruised before, just couldn’t see it for the pus. It’s oozy because that’s what needs to happen, some of the nasty looking stuff is just bandaid residue. It really only hurts now when you touch it:

I am told I am not allowed to go to the barn until it is healed. Not sure EXACTLY what that means, but I never like to be told not to go to the barn. I am still planning on going to work this weekend, but I will be wearing nitrile gloves beneath my regular work gloves, and Lee has volunteered to help me out to keep my hands out of dangerous situations. I also need to sneak into the barn tonight to pay the farrier for a job well done, I may sneak Bentley a few scratches and scotchmint… where are my nitrile gloves again?


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