Vacation Day 7: St Maarten

I am going to start this blog with an unconventional picture, but let me explain. Whenever we started a new day I would take a picture of something that said the name of the island we were on. Sometimes that was the pamphlet we received the night before, or a sign in port. Well we immediately went to the rental car place when we arrived and I completely forgot! Heather said she saw something and took the picture for me.


I thought this was so funny. Completely looks like an accident and would never stand out in my thousands of pictures. Of course I made fun of her for it but since we made a big deal, it was the first picture I looked for! Well done Heather!

We set about the island, which was the only one to drive on our side of the road, but almost immediately the check engine light came on. So we went back to the rental place only to learn that it seems to be common and the second car had it too. We were told to ignore it. Another thing we had to ignore was the shifter had no knob. Just the stick with a nice sharp end on it. Yikes! Good thing it wasnt a manual car!

We stopped at a few lookout places. I didnt take as many pictures of landscape here; it just wasnt as stunning as St. Lucia and i was starting to get to the “it’s another island, big whoop” phase of our trip. Still got some well composed photos, here’s one I like:


Here is everyone at the lookout, it was nice because it had information on the railings about… uhhhh… ok well I didnt read it. Ask my family what was on it!


We went to the first beach which had a very fancy bar with very fancy loungers. It was $15 for 2 loungers and an umbrella, we got 2 of them for the 7 of us, but wait… here comes that French hospitality: you can’t buy a lounger and have people sitting on the ground. So if you want to buy loungers, you must buy loungers for everyone. BUT its a public beach, can’t we sit wherever we want? Nope apparently not. Had none of us bought loungers we could have stayed together and saved $30, but instead we had to divide up and Katrina had to go to the banished side of the beach. We also weren’t allowed to have our own food or drinks on the “public” beach, luckily my camelback is sneaky like that and I didnt go dehydrated. St. Maarten became my least favourite island. Oh yeah, and there were lots of old couples in matching g-strings. Pass!


We moved on to the famous beach by the airport where the planes come very close to the people below. I loved the warning signs!


There was a beautiful looking cave across from the beach.


Here comes a little plane!


Here is a wonderful series, be prepared to laugh!




If you look at this, you will see some speckles that Heather is shielding herself from. Thats actually Katrina’s beer which was near them on the ground. The air pressure was so much that the beer exploded out the top right at her.




Katrina retrieves her lost hat.


This was a practise shot to see if we got the angle right, but I laugh every time and had to share because the person is so perfectly placed below me haha.





Citation 4 above me… similar to a few things at my work 🙂



We had to leave before I could get a good picture with one of the biggies. Combination of Grandparents wanting to get back, and we moved out of the blast zone as one Jetblue plane was taking off. I hear those things enough at work… I knew better than to try to watch from behind it!


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