Bentley Before and After

I promised Theresa of Neachai (http://www.neachai.ca/) that I would get some before and after pics of Bentley upon moving to Myrddin.  At this time, we started him on wheatgrass as a supplement.  Combined with better nutrition and living conditions, hes looking and acting much more like a young buck!



Bad quality picture I know, but you can see ribs despite fur thats about an inch thick.  Belly is big and round despite ribs (indicator of worms, he has of course since been wormed and kept on good pasture) Coat is dull (with flash it should be shining!) and he kind of just hangs his head with a sad expression.

One month later:


Again i know the photo isnt the best, but you can see he has that “spark” back in his eye.  Body shape is more appropriate.  Ribs have visibly diminished (the striping on his lower belly is not ribs, its just colouration)  Holding himself better.  No flash used in this picture, but you can see his coat has more shine to it from the overhead light.  You can almost see a smile in his lips.  Oh and he has started checking himself out again in the arena mirrors:




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