Happy New Year!

I will catch up on posts eventually, I have been making good on my resolution from 2012 to write more. I try to write every day, this includes weekends and while on vacation but is delayed until days I am at work… who wants to sit at the computer on a perfectly good weekend or holiday! Well, I used to… but not since I got a horse.

After all the Christmas obligations were out-of-the-way, I started my 2013 resolution early… ride every day! It’s an ambitious goal, but I know Bentley deserves it and I intend on making good on it. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… rode every day! Perhaps the best ride of these was Monday – New Year’s Eve when I went riding with a friend Yvonne, who I hadn’t seen since early highschool (other than one time she tried Bentley out). She is now partboarding at Diamond Ridge – the property that backs on to Myrddin… and has some lovely trails! By signing each other’s releases, we are allowed to ride on both properties. Score!

We basically just walked the entire time, the snow added enough element to make it a good workout… that and we rode for almost 3 hours!

Bentley all decked out, ready to ride in the snow. He looks like Santa – red hat, furry and white, big jelly belly. Oh and I did fill his saddle bags up with treats for Yvonne and I (and apples for the horses) So that’s kind of like a sack full of gifts 🙂

Of course, when he realized we weren’t going into the arena, he didnt want to stand still for photos. He eventually determined the manure pile was the best backdrop for him to model his fancy new hat.

We started out around the Myrddin fields, he was taking a good look at everything and being a little spooky. After a minute he settled; only to have a snowmobile approach us from over the fenceline. He was accompanied by an unleashed German Shepherd who ran at our horses. While it never came past the fenceline, it was snarling and barking and we flew a few steps then danced a while deciding whether to flee further. The owner was yelling at the dog and yelling “Sorry” at us, I know he didnt know better and he meant well, but I wish more people understood that yelling makes it worse. These are our tracks from that encounter. I have to say, it was the ultimate test for the horses and they passed!





The Diamond Ridge property was just lovely; a creek, real trails (yay! havent seen those in a while!), a few gallop hills mixed in with good trotting hills, some open fields and lots of forested area good for bushwhacking… or at least following animal trails. We will be back there soon, I cant wait to do more training on it!


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