Vacation day 8: Debarkation & San Juan

On the last day of our trip, we had to be up and out of our rooms pretty early. This wasnt really a problem for me as I still couldnt sleep past 8 (dang routine!). Our luggage had been picked up the night before and after scouring the room several times to ensure nothing was forgotten, Heather and I went up for breakfast. We met the family there and I filled up on the cinnamon danishes I had enjoyed throughout the trip. The man in line before me took the last banana yogurt, I was disappointed because I had just seen it the day before, tried it, and loved it. But we started up a conversation regardless.

After a few hours of waiting, our numbers were finally called and we made our way off the ship and back to Puerto Rico. There was some confusion about something or other, I cant remember what it was now, but I do remember that it distracted me enough to leave my hat on the ship. Oh well, at least it did its job throughout the whole trip.

Since it was late during the day, we decided that Mom, Heather, Katrina and I would tour the city while Dad, Nancy and Ramlin stayed back at the port with our bags. We had originally wanted to drop it at a restaurant which apparently lets you do that, but it was going to be too complicated with the late debarkation and Nancy’s scooter. Grandma and Grandpa had a guided tour booked and were long gone.

So we hopped on the busses that are free to the touristy spots and got off at the fort.




It was fun climing around the walls.


Beautiful waves!


Not sure what I was doing here, but I sure am happy!


This little lookout was pretty, but stank of urine so badly!  It didnt help that Heather and I both had to pee badly!  Which reminds me of how the day before we also both had to, and found washrooms.  THey were coin op, so grudginly we made change for a dollar and tried literally every stall with quarters, but none would work.  Finally we went to the last stall and success!  We were in!  But whats this?  Not a toilet… its a shower stall.  A broken shower stall.  With a drain the size of a quarter (impossible to aim at that!).  We toughed it out and peed in the shower and washed splatter off our feet with water bottle (since shower was broken)  After that, we had a brief moment of panic when the door to the shower wouldnt open.  Were we locked inside the pee shower forever?  After a few minutes and slamming, wiggling, and other unsuccessful methods, we escaped.  No death by pee shower that day.  Worst $0.25 ever spent, albeit a satisfying release.  Ok back to pictures of the fort!


IMG_8656Our tour was very brief, as we knew busses ran every 20 minutes or so, we only had an hour to do our full tour, and the clock was ticking.  We waited for a while by the bus stop, but nothing came.  Deciding it was worth looking for a bathroom for Heather and I, we tentatively walked down the street and found a museum or art gallery or something.  I dont know, I just know there was someone at the front desk who confirmed a free bathroom was across a very long courtyard.  Heather ran to it while I kept watch for bus.  Still no bus, I ran to it too.  We both ran back to mom and Katrina.  Still no bus, so we decided to walk up the street in the direction that the bus should come, and catch it at an earlier stop.  We walked and walked but still no bus.  Also no taxis.  How could there be not a single taxi at a main tourist stop?  We kept walking and were almost ready to just walk all the way back to port, when finally a bus arrived!

We all got on the bus and watched the clock… only 15 minutes before we needed to meet up with the rest, and Dad gets very angry when we are late and/or there is no communication.  Well our transport bad luck carried through and we had gotten on the blue line which goes through the city, and is so slow because of all the traffic on the narrow streets.  There was no way we would be back in time.  So it was decided… I handed over my camera to Mom, got off the bus, and ran in the direction of the water.  Yes ran.  It was a good thing I wore my running shoes!  A mile or so later, I had made it to port, dripping in sweat from the run and the humidity, only 1 minute before the time we were supposed to meet up!  I am sure it was a sight to see, and what a way to see the sights!  I have to say, I felt very fortunate that I am in good shape so I was able to do this.


We decided it was best to move the luggage to where the taxis were to pick up, after we moved the last piece of luggage Katrina, Heather and Mom showed up in a taxi!  We loaded up, hailed another cab, and were off to the airport.  Of course, we got dropped off at the wrong place in the terminals and had to do some more walking (as if I hadn’t exercised enough).

The plane ride home was rather uneventful, but I did manage to snap a photo of the sunset above the clouds.


And so ends my vacation report.  Cheers!




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