The Secret to Losing weight

Join a barn.

That’s it.  Plain and simple.

We had this discussion at the Hunter Green party last weekend.  Barn chores apparently burn over 500 calories per hour and is far better than a gym workout because assuming you do a variety of chores, you are using many different muscle groups, making you stronger overall.

But it doesnt just stop there… no there are lots of other reasons to scoop stalls instead of lifting weights.  Here are a few of them

  1. Accomplishment.  You feel pretty darn good when you see the transformation from poopy stalls to beautifully staged stalls.  Messy floors to well swept.  Buckets that smell like a fish tank to… well just regular buckets.
  2. Horses always appreciate your hard work.  However, it’s an endless cycle… eat, drink, poop, pee.  So you can never take a day off… there is always lots for you to do.  Remember all those times you said “I’m going to go to the gym today” but then the chore of catching up on reality TV comes into play?  Cant make excuses here, you have a dedicated workout coach every day who will poop in their water bucket if they run out of room in their stall.
  3. People will love you!  Yes, if you volunteer your time at the barn, you will have at least one person who thinks you are just the best for helping her with the chores. They may even write songs about you or crochet your face into a blanket in all their newfound free time.
  4. Nobody is ever going to say “Pay me $60 a month to burn those calories”  Gym memberships are unnecessarily expensive.  If you are really lucky, someone will pay you minimum wage to get your workout in.  Has anyone invented barn bootcamp?  Hmm, perhaps we have a business on our hands…
  5. You don’t have to wear fancy shoes or workout gear.  In fact, never wear fancy stuff to do barn chores.  Most of us just go there in old pajamas, we may still sleep in those same PJs depending on when they were last laundered.
  6. The smell of manure in your hair will put you off your lunch… for the first week or so.  Slowly you will get to the point you can eat a sandwich right after mucking stalls, and think nothing of it.  Consider week 1 your “detox” week.

So if your resolution this year is to lose weight, shape up, or anything along those lines… consider this:  give your child riding lessons instead, and get to work.

And if you are really committed to losing weight, buy a horse and see if you can afford luxuries like potato chips or chocolate bars!  Even if you can, chances are the budget for that will turn to carrots.

Good luck with your resolutions 🙂




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