More Yoga

Monday nights I turn in my riding boots for barefoot fun.

I was nervous to get back to yoga since it had been almost a month since I was last there (combine all the holidays with my finger, and I had missed a lot)  But I was in luck, 3 out of 6 of us were beginners… me NOT included 🙂

I was sad to hear that Lori’s mom had passed that night we had a substitute teacher, but she was happy she could be there and seemed genuinely happy as her mom had been sick for a while.  Her phone went off in the middle of class and she apologized “i had a very sick mother so I left it on, I forgot to turn it off, every time I hear it ring I worry about her but shes dead!  So shes ok!” in a cheery voice.  Caught me off guard but it was nice to see she was coping well.  It sounded like a relief for her.

Of course, from the holidays we were all a little fatter and less stretchy, so the class felt a little harder than usual.  My wrist and toe are bugging me today from it… not that we did a lot with them, but I foolishly expected to run up the L shaped stairs on the holiday, missed the last stair on the turn, crunched my toe and blasted my wrist into the wall.  It doesn’t bother me regularly, but we do a lot on our wrists and toes, so again they are reminding me to slooooowwww doowwwn.


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