Dinner out!

I mentioned before that I didn’t ride on Saturday.  It started off at lunch from work… I got home and Lee was sick in bed.  I opted to stay home at lunch.  Besides, I can ride in the evening since I shouldnt be riding outside despite the beautiful weather… putting holes in the ground to ride on the one nice January day means we could seriously injure ourselfs if we step in them all summer long.  Its hard to resist the temptation of 12C in January, but gotta keep it indoors for now!  So I planned to ride after work instead.  Well, after work I was driving home and missed the turnoff by a few feet.  Shoot.  I pulled into the golf course to turn around and thought “maybe I need a break from routine today, clearly my mind wanted to go home”  so instead of turning around to go to the barn, I went home with plans brewing to go to dinner and/or movies.  After all, I hadn’t yet celebrated the raise I got on Monday! And we had a gift card to Moxies.

Well Lee was still sick, so I put my feelers out elsewhere.  Nothing!  But then Lee decided miraculously that he was feeling better (perhaps that was when he found out I wasnt planning on cooking dinner) so we decided dinner only, no movies.

There was quite a lineup, they asked if we would prefer dining room or lounge.  “either” slipped out of my mouth, before looking in the dining room and seeing it was filled with children.  I thought Moxies was supposed to be more adult oriented and upscale, I was disappointed with that.  So I changed my mind to lounge.  We were told we could go in and sit at the bar while we waited, but no seats were available.  To make matters worse, a confused hostess brought in and seated a couple in the lounge the moment they came in “If you dont mind sitting in our lounge, we can seat you now”  Um, hello?  Been waiting for 15 minutes now!  They tried to do it again, to which I voiced my displeasure and we were immediately seated.  Not too pleased with the service.  Food was good as always however – I had a tandoori salmon salad which was quite delicious. I had a few beers which they advertised to me to be “Like Guinness” but was very much not like Guiness.  Still very tasty, but you can always tell when a non-beer drinker is making you suggestions. I may not go back to that particular franchisee again because of the hostess ignorance.  We will see.  Might have to truck it to Bramalea City Centre next time.



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