Sunday was a bit rough for all of us at work.

In the morning just as I was getting ready to leave for lunch, I went into the tackroom and noticed 2 small drops of blood on the floor.  Two dogs were in the tackroom with me, but one looked much more suspicious than the other.  Bubbles, the little Jack Russel was looking shy and upset.  When I took a look at her, I found on her left shoulder a large cut: moving the hair away, it was about the size of a quarter, but not too deep.  I immediately got Lynn and we cleaned her up.  She growled at me as I sponged, but after a few minutes she seemed to settle, laying down and allowing it, while licking my hand.  She must have been thanking me, she’s such a sweet little dog.

We covered her and myself in blue coat and I carried her up to the house.  She was very shaky and upset, trying to clean the wound herself.

When I came back at 4pm to do the night chores, I saw a coyote in the Grand Prix ring as I drove in.  To give you an idea of how close that is… less than 100 feet from the door of the barn where Lynn keeps her horses.  I stopped and looked on, it just stood looking back at me.  I drove around to the others side where I park, and walked back to the GP ring.  I didnt see it anymore, it must have followed the hedge line back to the forest.  That thing is bold!  We wondered if that’s what got Bubbles, but the cut looked more like she caught herself on something than a bite.

Back in the barn, the 2 larger dogs took off at one point, barking and looking intently out Lynn’s door.  I figured it must be back, but couldn’t see it myself.  I went back into the barn, and clearly the horses (who had open windows to the action) had seen it.  They would pop their head out. Come back in stall, buck and mini rear for a minute, then look curiously out again.  Of course I closed the windows, but they still continued to do this looking through the glass.

I heard from Lorie that they ended up taking Bubbles to the vet the next day.  She looked like she had gotten into a fight with the coyote… picked up and shaken as there were several deep bites all around her.  I wonder if she had gotten out again and ran into the coyote.  I doubt I would have missed all those wounds when I looked at her the first time.  Perhaps she fought it twice?  Shes a tough little dog, and I am going to be thinking about her constantly today!



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