The Weekend of Visitors!

In a typical weekend, I rarely make human contact outside a few individuals who work alongside me at the barn, however this weekend was a flurry of activity!

Saturday was a long day.  The owner of my inmates had a friend over who was scheduled to ride 3 of them.  Also, she came down with his kids to give them each a riding lesson on their horse and pony.  This meant an afternoon full of people to help, horses to groom and tack, and gum to scrape off the floor (boys!).  However, it didnt end there!

I was happy to be able to connect with Theresa as she delivered Reprieve and several other goodies (http://www.neachai.ca/) for Irish.  She brought her daughter Marley with her who is interested in learning about OCTRA and all the sports.  Of course, I am going to find all sorts of wonderful volunteer and/or crewing opportunities for her!  Theresa and I also chatted excitedly about her plans for Neachai, and my plans for The Custom Equine, including co-marketing, products and events to attend coming up soon.  Very excited to get this underway!

Of course, any time there was a bit of downtime the cats filled the social void:

IMG-20130119-01712 IMG-20130120-01714 IMG-20130120-01715

After that, I was off to pick up Heather to come up and see Myrddin for the first time since we moved.  I just did a short ride on Bentley because I was worried about the rain turning to freezing rain and having a nasty ride home.  We made it short but sweet, opting to try some jumping.  For the most part, he was wonderful, but one jump he just seemed to hate which ended up with me on the ground.  Nothing hurt at all, it was a very beautiful fall, but i learned from it and it didnt happen again!


Sunday they all rode again so again I had company throughout the day.   Little Love had her long forelock chopped.  We made jokes that she looked geeky as a result.  She COULD have used some feathering, poor girl looked pretty embarrassed!


But then there was also a big surprise!  Linda came in on Sunday, strutting down the aisle with someone tall and short in tow.  It took me a few seconds to realize who it was, but a huge smile crossed my face once I realized Solstice and Phyllis were standing before me!  Lots of hugs later, I gave them a tour of the barn.  Solstice particularly liked the in-stall taps, and happily filled all the water buckets for me.  She also helped me groom Romance after she finished her ride.  It was so great to catch up! Solstice plans on returning so she can get a lesson in our fabulous arena.

What a great (albeit busy) weekend!



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