Staying warm

I don’t need to tell you… its darn cold out right now!

-16 when I rode last night

and this is what I saw when I turned on my car this morning:


My coffee lid wasnt quite on properly and hot coffee spilled on the console.  I grabbed a napkin in the glove box to wipe it up but by the time i got to it, it was already frozen solid.  THATS COLD!

So what am I doing to keep warm at the barn?

Sarah gets: These:http://www.actionridertack.com/p-412-kerrits-sit-tight-n-warm-full-seat-riding-pants.aspx + these http://www.backontrack.com/ca/products/human/long-johns/ and stayed quite toasty.  In fact, once I stopped moving, I felt my bum warming up unnaturally… as if I had stuck a bunch of handwarmers in my seat!  I had never experienced this, but I was quite pleased about the effect.  Perhaps it was the warming power of the longjohns plus the trapping effect of fullseat breeches.  WONDERFUL!  I also love my super warm 10 belows which actually had me sweating enough that they were damp around the wrists when I finished.  I didnt notice until after my ride when i took them off to undo Bentley’s bridle, and put them back on to cold sweat feeling.  Throughout the whole ride however, I was toasty!  I also wear a polar fleece helmet cover which wraps nicely around my ears, neck and chin.  It was actually getting a bit uncomfortable on my chin from my breath’s dampness, so I undid the chinstrap.  Feeling cold a few minutes later, I went to put it back on but it was frozen solid!  Sigh!

Bentley also has something pretty warm.  I replaced his torn stable blanket this week for one that Halton Place was looking to sell.  It’s very warm and feels durable, although it is the ugliest blanket I have ever seen!

IMG_8765 IMG_8767

It’s hard to see the full glory of this ugly blanket in the photos, but let me try to describe it.  That “gray” colour is an old gray acid wash denim.  I am calling the colour “Scalper Jeans” because the only other place I have seen denim this ugly is too tight against the thighs and pelvis of a smelly toothless man selling concert tickets outside the Kool Haus.  I hope that gave you a good laugh and brought back fond (yet disturbing) memories.

This is his punishment for destroying the pretty blankets.  He has to wear scalper jeans.  Fortunately it has super thick fleece lining and is super heavy, so he will be ugly but warm!



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