Flights Delayed

Well today is the day Lee comes back from Florida, and the less than stellar weather today could possibly change that.

If you are in the area, you know what I mean.  If you aren’t in the area, lets put it in the easiest way to imagine: my 35km commute took me 1h40minutes today.

Many flights going out and coming into our airport are cancelled, delayed or floating around above the clouds, not exactly sure what to do, but from where I sit, I get an interesting perspective on nasty weather flights.


My boss tells me that what is happening is 1) they have rerouted the flight path, which gives us front seat tickets to the landing show.  Up where I am, we don’t usually see the landings so this is exciting.  And 2) the way the ceiling has dropped, the pilots (while being allowed to land, sort of) cannot see the runway on approach.  So what is happening is they come through the clouds and if they are lucky enough to be on path to the runway, they can land, but if they are not… which is happening a lot, just before they touch down, the go right back up.  Interesting to watch!  I feel bad for everyone on those flights though!


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