Aggressive vs. Passive Aggressive drivers

I had a downright aggressive idiot following me today, which made me think of something I saw a while ago in the paper but never really followed up on… until now!


That site helps you connect to your local authorities to file complaints against aggressive/careless drivers.  First you are hearing about it?  Yeah I kind of felt the same way.  As I said, I saw it in the paper many months ago but despite their claims of advertising it heavily, I had difficulties finding it until now.  Now that I HAVE found it, I feel very empowered. Well, until I realized the photo I took of the back of the guy’s vehicle was too far away to read the license plate.  Of course, I discovered this after I wrote my report. Well, I guess I will have to share my report here:


Driving west in the left lane along Bovaird, starting at approximately the 410, I was followed by subject.  I was driving 70km/hr. which is the posted limit, slowing down only for traffic and red lights.  Subject was following me so closely that I could not even see his headlights. There were 2 vehicles to my right in the centre lane who were positioned so that I was not able to move over to avoid subject.

As we neared Bramalea, I needed to turn right but cars were still to my right, slowing down was not an option because of the close proximity of the subject to my bumper, any decrease in my speed would have resulted in a collision.  I accelerated to 90 km/hr. so I could pass the vehicles on the right.  Subject accelerated at the same rate, remaining so close I could not see his headlights, while traveling 90km/hr.

After I pulled into the centre lane, subject accelerated rapidly beside me, took his hands off the wheel, eyes off the road and made aggressive gestures through the passenger window at me.  Then took off at what I would estimate to be at least 100km/hr. in what remained a posted 70 zone.

So I wont be able to file today, but I am learning and I will start becoming very passive aggressive in my commutes.  What do they actually do?

  1. First offense – send a letter as a warning asking that they be a better driver… not that great, but at least the offender is getting called out!
  2. Second offense – another letter… wish they ramped it up a bit, but perhaps this will send the driver into a lull… maybe they will get worse again thinking “ha! they can send me letters all they want, not going to stop me”  so that then they get to…
  3. Third offense – Knock knock!  Cop shows up on your doorstep.  Perhaps with charges for your sorry behind depending on how awful you are

So here’s what I have to say to you… Report it!  Even if I am the offender!  The more we report the safer our roads will be.  It takes 3 strikes for them to get a serious warning or ticket, so the more us good citizens work at it, the better it will be.

Now, can anyone do CSI worthy photoshop to get this guys license plate?



PS. On a related note to this post and what will be my next post.  Always remember… horseback riders and horse drawn vehicles have the right of way on roads!  Please slow down and give them lots of space.  Also… honking your horn at them (even if you are just so excited and want to support their cause) is a very bad idea.



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