The Secret to a good relationship is never keeping score (Yeah Right!)

Watching a HIMYM rerun last night, that was the theme, which had me laugh because of a “chore contest” Lee and I are starting this week.

It started off as a dirty dish contest.  If I found a dirty dish left out that belonged to Lee, I would add it to his tally on the fridge.  Same goes for if he caught me leaving dishes out (yeah like that ever happened!)  Not that I am particularly clean, nope I am messy as anything… but I am VERY competitive.  There was no prize, just the satisfaction of knowing that when we complained about each others habits, we had actual written proof.  It has long since been erased from the whiteboard, but I distinctly remember Lee caught me on about 7 occasions, whereas his tally of shame filled up the entire whiteboard.  At least 30.  That’s satisfaction right there!  Plus, the dishes were almost never left out.

We had stopped for a while, but starting on Sunday we are going to start a competition with the chores.  Very clearly defined rules and scoreboard, and this time there is prizes.  We compiled a list of chores that need to be done on a regular basis and assigned them weights based on the time it takes and the Yuck! factor, including deductions for things like, yes you guessed it, LEAVING DISHES OUT!

Here is my spreadsheet which I have made up for calculating our scores.


The prizes are to be non-monetary or material.  If I win, I want to give Lee a 30 minute riding lesson.  Lee hasn’t decided what he wants yet (He said he wants beer, but I said that’s not a comparable prize)  I really want the prizes to be something that has us spending time together.  I suggested Lee gives me golf lessons, but he said no because he “doesn’t want to make me do something I don’t want to”  Way to make me feel bad about the riding lessons!  Still, my winnings are my winnings… and I do intend on winning!



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