The Bulldozer/Snowplow

After the previous weekend, I was eager to get out with Laura and Yvonne for a wintery hack (before all the snow disappeared).  We were lucky enough to be able to meet once and go for a nice long hack, up the roads and along the closed concession again.

First we had to get to Diamond Ridge to meet Yvonne. I was a little nervous as he hadn’t yet been out in deep snow, and has been a little  goofy/energetic anytime we had gone outside recently; finding various stumps etc to become very suspicious of!  Not to worry this time, despite the fact the snow was deep white seemed to be white to him, and he was relaxed knowing exactly where he was going.  He seemed to like also going through the untouched snow in the back more than he liked following the trail a dog-walker had made through the fields.  So we met up with Yvonne and Roxy, no problems, and carried on to meet Laura and Alvin a little further down the road.

The whole way Bentley was relaxed and happy.  He seemed to like it better now that he knew where he was going.  “Hey, I have been here!  Therefore this must be MY territory!”  He even stayed nice and calm (as much as could be expected) when we were followed by a dog, then later had a dog snapping at our hooves, and even saw some construction equipment disappear and reappear.  Those little ponies flanked by a kennel full of unseen dogs (seriously, we guessed there had to be about 30 dogs from all the barking) caused a bit of a sweat, but he didn’t take much convincing to walk past.

Once we turned onto the closed concession, we were met with deep untouched snowdrifts.  We weren’t expecting this, as its a common place for snowmobiling, but nothing!  Toward the end, we determined that horses are far superior to snowmobiles because we could see where they tried to get up the hills but failed… of course, we didn’t fail!  Bentley led the group through all this stuff, we determined he made the best snowplow because hes the tallest, or at least the same as Roxy, but only with longer legs (Roxy is quite stocky as a Belgian cross) so it was easier for him to get through.  We were able to stay in the shallow side of the drift 90% of the time, but when we weren’t given the option, the drifts went up to chest deep.  He had no trouble, and just loved pushing through it.  We did meet the cows along the concession, which got some dirty looks from the horses, and at that point my phone rang which didn’t help either!  I only ever get phone calls when I am riding with Laura, nobody ever calls me otherwise!  While I could feel Bentley’s shock from the noises, there was no real spook and we got out safe.

The ride was one of those nice uneventful walks, just slow, calm and happily enjoying great company.


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