Photo time – Snowy days at HP

These photos have been building up in my phone the last few weeks.  Time to share them!

Dori is my favorite cat by far, shes so snuggly and adventurous, the only cat that came out and helped me shovel our manure path.

IMG-20130216-01807  IMG-20130216-01810 IMG-20130216-01811 IMG-20130216-01813 IMG-20130216-01815 IMG-20130216-01820 IMG-20130216-01821 IMG-20130216-01822

This next one makes me laugh a bit because I remember taking it accidentally.  I was trying to take a photo of her in the snow and I slipped on the icy drive, my finger hit the button as my arms flailed and I snapped a photo.  I just happened to catch her in the photo, and she is all twisted funny as if she was slipping too.  Very cute!IMG-20130216-01824

IMG-20130216-01825 IMG-20130216-01826 IMG-20130216-01827 IMG-20130216-01828

Winnie leads the way to the barn.


Cedar trees are my winter favorite.

IMG-20130216-01830 IMG-20130216-01832

You think Winnie is happy to see you, until you realize he just wants in the barn for a chance to eat all the cat food (and your lunch… which happened to me this weekend!)  Shallow shallow dog!





Timmy enjoys the winter by snuggling up in the warm tack room.

IMG-20130216-01837 IMG-20130216-01838


Its very hard to fill out my time sheet with Dori around, she likes to crawl right in my face, stick her tail up my nose and butt her head against my writing hand.IMG-20130217-01840

Lee neded the car one day, so when he picked me up and I still had a bit of sweeping left to do, he got extreme snuggles from all species at the barn.

IMG-20130217-01841  IMG-20130217-01843


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