Horsey Dressup

As we get closer to the competitive season, I am starting to think more about our equipment and what I need to add to the shopping list (oh yes, tackswap season is coming up, I neglected to mention that’s why I am thinking about this!)

I know something we will eventually need/want is a biothane set and I have been looking at the options for quite a while now.  I have previously bought reins from The Distance Depot and have been happy with the workmanship, the amount of customization they allow, and their price.  Of course, I have put my feelers out for used equipment (this might be hard because Bentleys head is both Arab and Warmblood, but also neither of these sizes… figure that one out!), but if nothing to my liking should turn up… its time to go fully custom!  But what do I want to do?  There are so many options for colour, I thought I would put up a poll here and see what the world thinks.

First off, here’s the colours to pick from:

color wheel- final copyrighted

Now, up until this point, I have been going with Red (my saddle pads and saddlebags are red), so I will throw in a few different red combinations.  The poll is setup as base colour/overlay colour fyi.  However, once I put red on my horse, I noticed a lot of gray arabs completely outfitted in red, and while it looks great, I am never one to blend into the crowd.

Next, I love kelly greens, in fact I am wearing a kelly (or maybe emerald) sweater right now!  Nice and bright and I dont see as many people with them.  But what to pair with it?  I’m thinking its going to have to be white or dayglo green.  Actually no matter what, I would like to have a dayglo overlay.  Green is such an inspiring colour for me.  Reminds me of spring and all the fresh wonderful things that come with my favorite season.  Ooh if we really wanted to go springy, green and pink?  Hmm, Bentley can pull off a lot of colours, but I don’t want him to feel emasculated by a flower power bridle.  Still….

Then there are blues, he looks great in blues (hes gray… he pretty much looks great in anything though!)  Now Linda has already claimed the rights to Royal and Turquoise blue.  While it would look cute if we matched, I will let her keep Royal.  I have some things still leftover in baby/pastel blue, but I am over those, they are too light colour for Bentley.  So that brings me to navy blue – a classically beautiful colour and could be tribute to my family’s nautical background.  I could go tame and overlay it with white, bump it up a notch and go yellow (although the dayglo may look tacky here) or really push the envelope and go with orange.

Ok here’s the poll… click to vote!  Select as many as you want or add a new option I may have overlooked 🙂



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