Lee Rides Again!

The results of our first 2 weeks of the chore competition are in, and I have won both weeks.  I cashed in the first half of my prize this past weekend, and Lee got up on Bentley for 15 minutes.  He didn’t want to do more as he was afraid of being sore (which he was anyway) so it looks like he will be doing shorter more frequent lessons.

As we tacked up, he was very nervous, and kept asking “you are going to ride first right?  You will tire him out for me?”  I told him I would ride him first if that’s what he wanted, but I doubt I would tire him out.  So far hes proven himself to have quite the energy level combined with endurance.  So we got out to the arena, I set Bentley up at the mounting block and Lee came at me saying “Ok I am going to ride now, I don’t need you to ride”  I grumbled something about how he should have decided this earlier so I could have left my gear inside, and let him mount.  Speaking of my gear, he has adopted things like my halfchaps which I may never get back.  Good excuse to go shopping I suppose.

We just had him work at the walk, its been a while and with his bad hips we didn’t want to push it.  I taught him the half halt, and he practiced that.  Practiced using his legs to steer, and even had him doing some tight serpentines.  After 2 however, he was tired.  We ended on walking without stirrups, I asked for one lap of the ring, but he did 2.

Bentley was a super boy through all of this, you could see the intensity on his face.  It was like he was watching every footfall to make sure he wouldn’t make any missteps and upset Lee.  It was very cute to see him try so hard, now why wont he go slow and cautious with me?

Unfortunately Lee didn’t want any photography of the event and I respected his wishes, so here is an old photo of the last time he rode Bentley (at least 6 months ago!)

Lee on Bentley 051


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