Bentley takes a personality quiz

Well, perhaps I helped him with it a little, but I am pretty amused with the result (apologies for the formatting, I took it from a PDF):

The Goddess

If a Goddess horse has found his way into your barn, you
are lucky. If you are wise as well, you will not let him leave.
Most SECF’s do not change hands often as they work their
way into your heart and stay.- You can say that again!
You should feel honored to be one of their subjects. They will give back as much as
they receive. They are loved and appreciated everywhere,
including in the pasture. The Bosses will protect them, and
the other Submissives will try to get as close as possible.
They are happy to meet you at the gate and play at whatever
you are doing. Usually quite vocal, this horse will be the
one nickering to you when you get out of your car or open
your front door. – yes, hes a chatty boy especially after our rides when he knows treats are due
SECF’s have feminine looks as well as characteristics. – well he is very pretty and gets told this on a more than regular basis, at least nobody has called him a she yet
They are emotional and sensitive and yet still confident.
They are wonderfully sensible and safe. They aren’t inclined
to get into trouble with you or with their environment like
some of the other C’s. Everything about their demeanor
denotes expression—they are talkative, have expressive
eyes and ears, active movement, love to touch you, – last night he gave me a ton of kisses, big sticky treat kisses all in my hair
love to show off, – “Hey everyone come see how good I look!”
act sassy but never in a dominant way, just enough
to endear them to you more. If you want a horse to love
on, then this is your baby. They like to be clean, pretty,
pampered, blanketed, groomed, and fussed over in any
fashion. – Heather was out at the barn with me last night, and we spent a significant amount of time in awe of his remarkably sparkly white foot.  He has never had a speck of dirt on him since moving to Myrddin.  The white was blinding!


Beware though. If they are uncomfortable, unhappy or
sore, they can be very expressive with a cranky pinning of
the ears and a swish of the tail! It pays to listen. They are
trying to tell you something. – wow hit that one on the head when we learned about the saddle not fitting!  It was just ever so slightly off and he sure let me know!
For the Goddess the relationship is paramount. It
is what they love, and they would love to engage in long
conversations about it if they could. They trust you, and
you can trust them. They want to be your partner, and they
need you to be listening.– challenge accepted!
If they feel unappreciated, they
can spiral downhill into a puddle of worry and insecurity.
These are the traits of Submissive and Friendly together.
Like other C’s they can get bored easily, so you do need an
interactive, engaging relationship. They will want a lot of
variety in the things that you do together. Your relationship
will be strengthened when the Goddess’s need to be doing
things, especially with you, is met.
Like any of the Energy/Curious horses they can have
scattered energy at times that is hard to get focused on the
task at hand. In their initial training, you may feel that they
have “fluff for brains” and you might describe them as the
“blond” of the barn. Their energy can be bouncing off the
walls. They can be oversensitive, and if you get them upset,
it takes them a long time to settle them back down again.
Some days it is best to walk away and begin again tomorrow.
The next day they will be back on your page and trying to
please. The Friendly says they love to please and will keep
trying and trying in their job. This can make them worriers
if they do not understand and are not feeling honored. If
they are not being listened to and appreciated, they will
usually internalize their stress and can develop physical
problems, especially back problems. As their rider, your job
will be to help them learn to focus and keep their energies
more in balance.
It is difficult for the Goddess to change owners. Not
only do we get very attached to these horses, but they to
us as well. They show obvious signs of depression when
they are sold. It may take them quite a while to adjust to a
new owner. They love new situations but like to keep their
people the same. At any time, the Goddess dislikes being
alone, but they are especially vulnerable in this situation.
What can you do to help? The SECF needs to know you
are there for him, so if the new owners can understand his
personality they will know that they need to pay him a lot
of extra special attention when they first get him. Keep the
work demands low and the love and attention high. This
horse will suffer if left on their own without attention.
They love being in a herd situation with all the social
Training the Goddess is a pleasure and does not require
you to have numerous horse training degrees.  – agreed!
Unlike theDominants, they are quite happy to accept your suggestions
on how something should be done. The greatest challenge
will be keeping the foundation lessons interesting enough.
The SECF will be anxious to get on to the higher learning. -yes we are progressing rapidly, right now I think I hold him back more than he does me 🙂
Give them a lot of variety and take them to a lot of new

places. They will love to travel and experience new things. – considering it took only one OCTRA ride for him to decide trailers shouldnt be avoided, they take him to fun horsey amusement parks!
They like a communicative rider who is as enthusiastic as
If they have a high E, it may make it hard for them
to slow down and learn in the beginning. They will be
anticipating and offering things that you are not asking for. – oh hello canter, I wasnt expecting you so soon!
Positive reinforcement is the key as they will thrive in that
type of training program. As they are very engaged and
emotional in everything they do they can have their days
or times where you will have to quietly sit in the middle
and just allow some of the energy to dissipate. They are not
trying to take over like the D’s, so a rider does not have
to come on strong in response. They may just need a little
help learning how to release so much emotion. If training
is starting to get heated up, just relax and go for a ride out;
tomorrow they will be back on track and eager to please.
The Submissive trait of the Goddess tells us that there
will be times that we will need to be there for them every
step of the way. If they are learning something new or in a
fearful situation, they will want to turn over the command
to you. They will need you to tell them where to put every
foot. The ‘leg to hand’ type of ride will be comforting to
them in this situation, but they do not need it every day.
This horse comes into our life to help us learn about
relationships and bonding—they are in it FOR the
You will find the SECF performing in all horse sports.
They may not be on the top of the podium as often as the
DECF’s (Rock Stars), but every step of the way has been a
pleasure. Whatever your sport, this horse is happy to do it. – yes I can see that, but I still threaten to send him to a hunter barn when he misbehaves
They are the “keeners.” They are not attached to the job.
They are working to please you. In competitive fields they
are your high point, super horse, all round contenders. Your
challenge will be to not get stuck exclusively in one sport.
This horse will encourage you to broaden your horizons
and go play in new fields.
take the quiz yourself! But then you HAVE to tell me what your horse got 🙂

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