A little change of pace

Currently working 3 jobs, I haven’t had much of a chance to get out riding, so this post wont be about that!  Rather, it is going to be about what Lee is calling “Help Heather Week”, you will see what I mean!

Its March Break which means my youngest sister is off from school.  On Tuesday, she came to work with me to job shadow our head flight attendant as it is something she can imagine herself doing as a career.  She got to experience what a full day’s work is (compared to a school day) and finished the day pretty tired.  She got to go in some of the airplanes which is always a cool experience since its not something the general public gets to see!  She even got to see our new helicopter which arrived yesterday (and I have only seen it through my window so far!)  Of course, my entire office was very amused by the resemblance between us.  We ended the day by going to the Lindt factory aka heaven on earth and picking up some tasty treats.

Last night, Heather was further helped when she did a mock interview with Lee for a job at his golf course.  She aced the interview and at the end he surprised her by saying that it wasn’t a mock interview, it was the real interview and she got the job!  Good going!

The other side of help Heather week was our good friend Heather and her horse Rurik.  She had moved her horse away shortly after I moved also because she too was concerned about her horse’s health there and the price of board going up substantially.  We went different ways and she ended up at a farm close to her which offered outdoor board within her budget.  Last friday, she called me and asked if I knew of any other places.  The conditions at this new barn were so that Rurik had lost more weight and now has some patches of fur missing either from being bit, rainrot or mange.  I didn’t know of anything in her budget that wouldn’t get her right back into the same situation, and we were both very upset at the thought she might have to give him up (I even filled with tears when I hung up the phone).  That call was on my way to my riding lesson, and I brought it up to my classmate saying how I was going to be a bit distracted.  She said “oh why dont I get you the number for so-and-so” who was a good friend of hers, and I believe she had kept her retired old timer there.  They used to ride together for years and she just didn’t move in there because of lack of an arena/ring.  Then Lee chirped up “Oh, is that So-and-so X?  I know her very well, shes a member at the golf course and we chat about our horses all the time, her daughter works there too!”  So wonderful wonderful Lee got her number and forwarded it on to Heather and within 60 hours Rurik was moved to his new home.  What a twist of good fate, and so happy we could help her out!  Rurik is happily enjoying plentiful hay and being indoors at night on his path to a slow and steady recovery.

So both Heathers have lots of good things to look forward to, thanks to Lee!  He really is the best person I know 🙂


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