I’m feeling a need to post this

Body Condition Scoring

I am not an expert but I can google and read a chart… you can too. (Click the photos I have given you and it will take you to the full charts and information on how to read them)  I know they have different numbers for scoring, look past that!  Instead look at what the photos have in common.

You have hopefully seen this one posted at your barn since it is from the Ontario Government:

Taken from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and FOod. http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/horses/facts/98-101.htm

While this is helpful, some often interpret it incorrectly because lets face it, a drawing doesn’t give you any of the subtleties of a real horse.  So I also found you this one (again, ignore the numbers, look at the pictures!):


Not being an expert, just your average horse owner, I find the bum pictures to be the easiest way to tell, so I have one more chart for you.


Hopefully this compilation helps you to assess your own horse’s condition.

Remember, we do all sorts of things to horses which put them at our mercy.  We take them from natural environments and put them in enclosures where they most often CANT find their own food and water.  Maybe they can’t socialize, or maybe their enclosure contains safety hazards.  It is our DUTY to ensure that these animals’ needs are looked after because we don’t allow them to take care of themselves.  Remember that neglect or allowing your horse to become obese IS abuse, sometimes even more so than physically hurting them.

We also fall victim to this, as our horses trust us to care for them, but in order to care for them, we must trust others to do so.

If you feel that your horse isn’t healthy, it is YOUR responsibility to rectify that in any number of ways.  You owe them that.

Look at your horses’ and your situation and empower yourself to make the change.  You don’t need to be stuck in a sorry situation.  Always do your best, sometimes it takes several failed attempts, but you will get there someday and your horse with thank you with years of unconditional love that you deserve.



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