Cutting Cords

That was the focus of yoga last night, cutting cords from people and things that give you negativity and focusing on bringing yourself peace.  Not cutting the actual person out, but cutting the negative feelings and attitudes of them.  It was exactly what I needed at the time, and what a difference this morning!  With 3 jobs, a boyfriend, apartment and a horse, I have literally every minute of my day occupied and cant waste time stressing over people who have enough time on their hands to create trouble.  It feels great to free myself from the slump that a few people and this extended winter has been bringing into my life and just focus on whats important.

Feeling completely re-energized despite the fact its still gray outside, I am motivated to do all the things I have delayed or put off because I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  Makes goals much clearer and I am able to take an objective look at what is important and how to make it happen.

This morning too, a song came on my radio which brought me right back to the good yoga feelings, perfect way for its teachings to set in!  Lucky for rewindable satellite radio so I could keep those good feelings all the way to work.

Oh and another good thing from yoga, we have been working on handstands each week and I got it first try last night!  Slow and floaty 🙂  My teacher even suggested I come to the handstand workshop, unfortunately it falls on the same day as Aprilfest and my unobstructed goals prioritize the riding. I  will have to practice handstands against the trailer or something instead.


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