Season starts!

Here is a quick post for what I am excited about in April.

This weekend is the first OCTRA ride of the season.  It starts with a training clinic Saturday morning, Ride and Tie Saturday afternoon, and set-speed Sunday morning.  I hope I can do all 3 but for now I am leaving my options open.  I say this because of the questionable weather we have had and is showing up in the forecast.  So that means the plan is to do 6 mile training ride on Bentley Saturday, convince Linda she wants to do 6 mile ride & tie with Sable, then wake up sunday morning for what will hopefully be 25 miles (12 if I dont like the footing).  Yikes, I only have a few days left to figure out all the food and packing and whatnot.  It has snuck up on me!  At least I am quite sure Bentley is fit enough to do the 25 miles, I however may be another story.  Of course, the plan is to take it slow since it will be our first ride back of the season, and first 25 miler together.  We are so lucky to have had the indoor arena all winter, and add to it hilly roadwork and some snowy walking trails, definitely puts us in a better place to start off with a longer ride.

Then I get a weekend of “the usual”

Then the weekend after that is another ride.  Aprilfest in Dufferin Forest.  There I plan to up it just slightly to 12 miles Saturday (perhaps a RNT on Sable too?) and 25 on the Sunday.  Again, nice and slow.

I am going to have to pull out those set speed charts and figure out my speed plans, a grade 2 would be wonderful, grade 3 very acceptable.  Oh and find my Garmin too which has gone missing over the winter.  Suspect its somewhere trapped in horse blankets in my trunk.

Wish me luck to get the good weather and footing we want, and then be able to finish the 25! (oh and to not forget to pack anything essential!)


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