American photos

A few weeks ago now, my family and I rather abruptly left for New York.  While I may someday blog about what led to this or about the trip itself, for now I am just going to post some fun pictures.  There is actually very little here taken in NYC (mostly New Jersey), most of those are on my camera which I desperately need to find the battery charger to.  These are phone photos that I took whenever something should NOT have been forgotten.

The surprisingly nice Embassy hotel in New Jersey.  Outside looked like a hospital or office building, however we were very glad we stopped in!


This shouldnt be so amusing for us, but we were amazed my the vast Oreo cookie selection in the grocery store.  Unlike anything we had ever seen.  We had to have spent at least 15 minutes just looking at Oreos.




While Broccoli Souffle sounds bad enough on its own, it doesnt help that it looks like a horse poop.



High Pulp?  I guess this is the American version of “Lots of Pulp”


Somehow I dont get the point of low-fat yogurt with candy in it.



It seems as though spongebob was used to sell pretty much anything.


This one literally had us in tears in the ice cream aisle.  Yes that IS ice cream made just for dogs, and yes it IS mixed in with the people ice cream.  Ridiculous! IMG-20130328-00061

This bottle of wine made us all think of Katrina.



I also thought of Katrina when I found this bottle of wine, knowing how much she likes memes.


This restaurant sounds inviting


I know this one is hard to read, but its a restaurant named “Ecola”  I think its supposed to be an eco-friendly organic restaurant, but it sounded too much like E-Coli and we kept driving.


Chocolate + wine is wonderful.


View out of our hotel room in NYC


We had 3 beautiful days to walk in the city


Ok it doesnt look like much now, but it was the best sandwich I had ever had!


The result of my NYC shopping, a new purse to replace Narnia (as we called my old purse in which you could lose things for days)IMG-20130330-00079




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