Photos From Aprilfest

It took me until now to post the photos because when we got home Sunday, we decided to unpack only the essentials… horse in stall? Check!  Toothbrush? Check!  Ok bedtime now.

So I didn’t have my camera yesterday when I wrote about Saturday’s events.  Here are the pictures that Charlotte was so kind as to take for us!


Bentley sees the starting line.  Looks up excitedly and says “Why are we just standing here!”  He seems to just love sticking his head way up like a giraffe when he sees a camera.


And we are off! Linda and I crossing the starting line.


Charlotte dilligently feeds the hungry monster at each hold.


We break through the forest, finish-line in sight.  I wish I could tell me in this photo “slow down, you have another minute to go!”


Time to ditch the hardware and get drinking!


Sable eyes the beet-pulp as she get untacked.  Don’t hog it all Bentley!


This is Bentley’s 2nd favorite part of his job.  Favorite is playing in the forest for hours on end, 2nd being he gets a smorgasbord of beet pulp and hay when he returns!


Sable is a little tired from all her dragoning, but enjoys a brief rest before she has to ride & tie with Auntie Sarah.


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