Mood swings of the Irish.

Irish is one quirky horse.  Ok, they all have their funny personalities, but she really surprised me this weekend.

On Saturday, Lorie ventured down to the barn in order to tranquilize Irish before turnout.  Reason being is Irish has been on stall rest for several months now, and on the few occasions where she did get turnout, she was so wild that she hurt herself even more.  So tranq she got!

Well, it didnt seem to work.  She spent at least a good 20 minutes leaping and bucking and galloping around the paddock and would proceed to do it again if she knew she had an audience.  The worst was the sliding stops and spins she would do each time she charged the gate.  She was literally a maniac.  We all agreed that the tranq does not appear to work on this lady!  I was given the option whether I wanted to turn her out on Sunday when I would be alone, and not bother using tranq.  We were worried there was no hope for sane turnout with her.

I must have felt brave or something, because I decided to take her out for a few hours.  The moment she was let loose of course, she bolted to the far corner and back (with a terrifyingly close stop, spin and buck at the gate), did it again… but then decided it was time to start eating!  Wonderful to know that it was less exciting despite the lack of tranq.  I left her alone to finish up my morning chores, feeling somewhat confident she didnt need constant monitoring.  15 minutes later, I brought my lunch out to enjoy the sun and watch the horses on my break.  I look over at the paddock, and to my surprise, this is what I see:


Of course, I think “oh crap, she has been an idiot behind my back and hurt herself and now cant get up!”  So I walk over (stopping to take a pic) and shes eating her hay with sleepy eyes.  Just to be sure, I release a flurry of clicking, poking, and waving my arms around and slowly Irish got to her feet (looking very pissed off).  I made her walk and trot, and yes, she is perfectly sound.  So that means that YES she was just eating while napping.  What a weirdo.  Cant believe it was the same horse as the day before.

Irish, I am sorry I interrupted your nap.


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