Someone is on to my tricks!

Ok, its not a secret that I price match at the grocery store, and I am getting good at it.  Let me share with you my list from last week:


As you can see, its meticulously crafted to make sure I make the most of my shopping trip.  In fact, I usually bring 2 lists: the one you see there (organized by flyer so I can easily put it on the belt) and one sorted by area so I don’t have to waste time running to opposite ends of the store when I have forgotten something (1= produce, 2= fish & deli etc).  Its an efficient system and its also helpful when I have to enlist Lee to do the groceries instead.  Foolproof right?

Well, I printed out my list yesterday and after a wonderful dinner with my friend Joe, came back to the house to grab my shopping assistant and pull the flyers from last week’s paper (I had got my numbers from the online flyers, so the paper was still in tact).  Funny… we had 2 identical packs of flyers inside our paper.  Oh well!  Grab one and start sorting out for the ones I wanted…. I had every flyer BUT the ones I was planning on price matching for!  Hmm.  That’s weird.  Pull out second set of flyers.  Yup, exact duplicate… none of my flyers!

Someone must be pissed at all the sweet deals I get!  Needless to say, I was furious I couldn’t put all my hard organizing work to practice.

Not sure why this happened, but I will keep assuming a conspiracy!


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